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Sign language, as a different form of communication, is important for large groups of people in our society to recognize and communicate. There are different types of signs made around us, in each sign language, there is variability in hand shape, motion picture, and position of the hand, face, and body parts contributing to each sign. There is an undeniable communication gap between the speech-impaired community and the hearing majority. Speech-impaired people use hand signs to communicate, while others face problems in recognizing the sign which is being made by them. Hence there is a need for a system that recognizes different sign languages and facilitates conveying information to the non-speech-impaired community.


A Smart Glove as a weapon is designed successfully for the protection of women from attackers. This Smart Glove is Compact, light in weight and can easily be carried. This Smart glove gives the shock to the attackers without killing them. The intensity of the Shock is up to 4KV. It Delivers an electric shock aimed at temporarily disrupting muscle functions and inflicting pain without causing significant injury. 


The development of the Internet of Things (IoT) in recent years has made it possible to incorporate technology into commonplace items, ushering in a new era of smart gadgets. One such invention is the Smart Mirror, which combines a conventional mirror with cutting-edge technology to provide a distinctive, interactive experience.

A Smart Mirror displays data, images, and multimedia material layered on the user’s reflection using a two-way mirror or a transparent LCD panel. It has a number of sensors and cameras that allow it to detect human motions and gestures, identify faces, and communicate with the user by voice or touch.

The Smart Mirror may be modified to accommodate unique tastes and requirements. It may show the weather, news, social media feeds, and fitness information.