The Department

About the Department

Computer and Communication Engineering Department began in 2020 with the admission of 60 students. The Department is supported by a 9-person, dedicated faculty team. The department focuses on the creation and usage of computing-based professional careers in communication engineering, specific categories designated by AICTE and MHRD, which can satisfy forthcoming Industrial Revolution requirements.


Today’s electronics and communication systems are largely controlled by software, so it is crucial for electronics and communication engineers to have strong software skills as well. The Computer & Communication Engineering programme provides students with a great combination of software and electronics engineering. The students’ options for career advancement in the electronics, communication, and IT industries are expanded by this combined benefit.

CCE is a dual benefit programme where students learn both ECE skills and software abilities on par with CSE students. The CCE curriculum imparts strong fundamental knowledge in computer-related courses like C, Python, and Java programming, data base management systems, object-oriented programming, network security, and web and mobile application development, as well as in electronic courses like Digital systems, Communication Technologies, Embedded Systems, and IoT.

The curriculum is carefully crafted to promote creativity, entrepreneurship, coding practise, and problem-solving with cutting-edge communication technology.